Lucky Me

Tuesday, 13 May 2008  |  Bullish Insights

I haven’t posted for a while now (yes, a few days is long for me) for two reasons: 1) I attended a four-day seminar, which to an independent, multi-tasking designer/mother like me, felt like forever and left me exhausted every single day, and 2) I have fever. Argh…I feel terrible about skipping training the next few days.

I hit the sack early this evening at around 8:30 but couldn’t get an ounce of sleep with the kids jumping around in the background. By 10:30, I received a text from Ben and, despite the achy bones and slight headache, I knew I had to get up and view his blog.

You see, I was fortunate enough to be handpicked by Photographer Ben to be one among the few that he’s shot for his runner’s profile. (First was Chaia, followed by Coach Rio.)  Ben is a magician with the camera. His photographs are simply amazing. Combine that talent with a great passion for running and you get running photos that just leave you speechless (and in Coach Rio’s case left girls drooling!)

Here’s my favorite photo climbing up my not so favorite hill in Country Club Drive…


And here I am running past St. James the Great Church where hubby and I got married…
TBR_ChurchThis is me on the treadmill with the kids drawing. Ben, I love this shot!


And this is where Ben almost tumbled over as he chased me down the street..


Last but not the least, this is what Ben calls my profile shot…


To view more TBR shots (where my thighs look huge, my tummy is bulging, or my face looks kinda funny which is largely my fault, not Ben’s!) and other runners that Ben has profiled, click here to visit the Photographer on the Run. To race organizers, Ben also shoots races, such as Condura Run and Champion Run.

Thanks so much to Ben and RC for the photos!