Girls’ Night Out

Saturday, 14 June 2008  |  Bullish Insights

After a tiring, stressful week of rushing the kids to school, helping my daughter adjust to her first few days of nursery, beating work deadlines, dealing with new household help, and mourning the loss of yet another week’s run, I welcomed the thought of meeting Happy Feet girlfriends Marga and Banggi for a full night of chatting, eating, and pure fun last Thursday.


With these two high-spirited women, one has no time to yawn, complain or get bored. Both have the same zest for life and adventure that makes my life suddenly seem so mundane—not that it is! 

Banggi is constantly traveling the globe, meeting handsome men on plane trips (ehem), and exploring new cities and delicacies that once made locals in Hanoi yell out “You’re the rockstar!” after she “bravely” swallowed a chicken embryo (aka balot).   Marga is constantly on the go as a freelancer, entrepreneur, swimmer, biker, runner, skateboarder, yoga enthusiast, and more that one wonders how she possibly achieved and experienced this much at such a young age—she’s a full decade younger than me! Champion talaga!

Our lives are so different.  Our personalities on opposite poles.  If you had told me a year ago that I would be having dinner with these two girls, I would have answered “Oh sure…and that dinner would be followed by dessert with Bono and Lance soon after.”  But, thanks to running (and the world wide web), the three of us are no longer just running friends but real friends who run.

To all those running tomorrow—be it at Mizuno-Fuego, Men’s Health All Terrain, or DND—good luck, have fun, and stay safe!  I envy you!