My First Brick

Saturday, 19 July 2008  |  Running + Triathlon

Bricks, in the triathlon world, is defined as training in two disciplines during one workout: bike/run, swim/bike, or run/bike.  Most triathletes practice bike/run as their brick workout with minimal interruption in between as if they were in a real race.

It was Sen. Pia Cayetano who first introduced me to bricks when I interviewed her for my Runner’s Interview (a portion of my blog that I think I should resurrect).  Running was the only thing on my mind then.  No way would I have guessed that, in less than a year from that time, I would be having my own mini brick session today.

This morning, Annie and I met at the same time and place for our usual Saturday run.  But, this time, we were going to bike.  She arrived late and so did I.  Both of us were distracted: she was pumping air in her tires, I was tightening my helmet, then I too had to pump air.  Aaaaah!  We agreed that life was so much easier when we would just jump out of our cars and run.  “Tara, takbo nalang tayo?” she joked.

Off we went on our bikes, er, well I used my hubby’s mountain bike.  Annie used her racer and led the way.  It was a smooth ride through the rolling hills of village roads, most of which we were very familiar with since it was our regular long run route.  Yes, it was enjoyable but half the time I was wishing I was running instead.  I believe Annie felt the same.  “Annie, gaano ka tagal tayo dito?” I asked.  “30 minutes?” she replied.  “Then, let’s run?” I said with a smile.  

After 27 minutes and 8 kms, we parked our bikes and wobbled our way into running.  (They say they call it “bricks” because your legs feel like bricks when you get out of your bike and start to run—so true. It’s great that they didn’t call it “poop” because that’s what seems to be stuck up your butt once you get out of your bike and attempt to run.)  

Just as we were about to start, we bumped into Patrick C. again (this was the 3rd time I saw him that morning) as he ended his 15k run.  The three of us running freaks spoke about our undying love for running and how nothing—nope, not even biking—could compare with the adrenaline rush it gave. 

Annie and I ran easy for just 3.5 kms, a distance that was all too short for this running buddy of mine but was just right for my slowly recovering shins.  We were able to chat again as we always do and laugh out loud in the middle of the road as if it was our own.  Oh, how I missed those days!

My first brick session was short—just a little over an hour—but it was a great start (considering it was unplanned!) I was ecstatic over the intense workout I got from both disciplines combined since an easy run or a short bike trip just didn’t do it for me the past few weeks.  Oh, I think I’m going to be doing this regularly from now on.  Uhm, I’ve actually penciled it into my training journal already.