The Funniest Running Blog Ever

Friday, 4 July 2008  |  Bullish Insights

The Lonerunner’s blog is the funniest running blog I have ever read.  Here are just some excerpts that left me laughing out loud:

“…I want to initiate a new program wherein runners can donate the hideous, terrible designed and gayish looking Runners shorts-shorts. All collected running shorts will be unstitched and remade as umbrellas.”

“…’Doubling’ will greatly quicken your pace, increase your endurance and most significantly your deodorant purchase.”

“…I have a big problem with the word Fartlek. It sounds like a Fart and saying is never sexy. And If we say, ‘I am  Fartleking with different partners.’-that will never,ever sound right to a non-runner.”  

To the Lonerunner, I’m a big fan.  Keep us laughing.  Run on, friend!