And the 2nd TBR Race Winner Is…

Thursday, 14 August 2008  |  News + Promos

…Michael Phelps!

Just kidding.  Phelps is a winner in my book, but no, not in this TBR Race.

To the 60 plus commenters, thank you so much for participating!  I had a good hearty laugh reading your responses.  You know what would be even more entertaining: if you actually did some of the things you said you’d do just to keep on running!  What I would give to see Ricecooker in his wife’s running shorts, Paolo licking his toilet bowl, Ever farting in an elevator full of strangers, Don cheering for La Salle, or Chaia going celibate!  (Click here to view all comments)  

I know it’s cliche but I had a tough time choosing my favorite comment among the Top 20.  (In succeeding races, I’ll change rules and choose the best among ALL comments.  That commenter, whether first or last, will automatically be included in the race raffle and gain 4 additional entries.) But, I ended up choosing Rhea for being a wise, scheming, and merciless wife. (Kidding Rhea, I know this was said in the spirit of fun.  It was, right?)

Marvs, Rhea’s husband I assume, first posted this:

I would rather have my armpit hair plucked out one by one than quit running!!!

Then, Rhea posted this:

I would rather have my husband’s armpit hair plucked out one by one than quit running!!!

High-five to Rhea.  Win-win situation for the woman!  You got 4 additional entries in the raffle.

So, again, top 20 commenters had 1 entry each plus 4 entries for Rhea.  All entries were tossed in a shoe box and hand picked by my pseudo-DTI representative aka little Bull Runner with his eyes closed.

Are you ready?  The winner for the 2nd Nike+ SportsBand is…



Congratulations, Ever!  Let’s hope you’ll never have to quit running nor fart in a confined space! 

Hope to see you all in the 3rd race!