Weekend Rush

Friday, 1 August 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Thank God it’s Friday!  I work from home but I still look forward to weekends as bonding time for the family and, of course, for early morning runs with friends or the hubby.

Turns out that this weekend of mine will start out in a Rush.  10 cases of blue Rush, that is.


Vince of Rush was generous enough to surprise me with 240 bottles of Rush.  Yes, 240!  That’s like a full year’s supply of sports drinks for me.  It was enough to fill up the trunk of my car and leave no empty space in my storage room in the garage.  It should keep me fully hydrated in each race I join, every training run, gym workout, or treadmill run at home.  It’s like an everlasting fountain of Rush.  I love it.

Thank you to Vince and his brawny “delivery men”, Coach Rio and Ben, as well as Eric who came in to help. Each case weighed a ton but due to Coach Rio’s 2% body fat, Ben’s strong biceps and core muscles, and Eric’s well-toned physique, they loaded my car with all the goodies in no time.


Have a good weekend everyone!  Good luck to my dear friend Marga and her team mates, Don and Caroline, who are joining the O3 Long Distance Triathlon tomorrow in Subic.  To all those joining Milo, especially the marathoners, have a great time too!  Let’s all wish for a rain-free weekend!