Happy Birthday Little Miss Bull Runner

Monday, 29 September 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Last September 25, my Little Miss Bull Runner turned 4.  Mommy Bull Runner was busy with birthday preparations, which is why I didn’t post as often here. (This belated post is due to my playing catch up to all my missed workouts during the busy week.)


– She’s 4 already?! –

Little Miss Bull Runner shows potential for becoming a great runner. Every single day, she beats me at our 50m race. When I pick her up from school—as soon as we head out the doors—she yells out to me “Let’s race!” So, we take our starting positions then I’ll dictate “Ready, Get Set…STOP!” at which she’ll tentatively take a few steps, laugh at herself for her mistake, and scream “Mama!”

As race official, I restart my countdown “Ready, Get Set…Go!” and we take off. She wins by a step every single time! I never let her win (parents aren’t supposed to do that); she does it on her own. However, I am considering revising race rules soon as I believe my frequent losses are a result of my heavy load: I carry my shoulder bag, laptop, her lunch box and school bag during the race!

The unique thing about Little Miss Bull Runner is her running form; that’s why I know she has a special talent for running. I can already imagine her as a varsity track star leaving all competition in the dust with scouts enlisting her for scholarship due to her patented, aerodynamic running style.

You see, Little Miss Bull Runner runs with her right arm outstretched, whirling about like a propeller. She always, always runs this way whether she’s racing with me or Kuya; she’s running at school; or playing at home.


– Notice the right propeller arm –

When we interviewed her about this, she replied in her own words that running that way would make her faster. How so?  She has no idea; she said it was the famous mouse Jerry (of Tom and Jerry) who runs this way when he’s being chased by the mischievous cat Tom and he never gets caught. Don’t argue—my little girl has a point.

Mommy Bull Runner is hoping (and praying) that she will end up having the same passion for running as I do. But, if not, I just want to see her grow up to be happy and healthy in her chosen path.

To my Little Miss Bull Runner, happy 4th birthday!