Monday Morning Blues

Monday, 8 September 2008  |  Bullish Insights

I usually sing (or more like yell) “Oh what a beautiful morning!” in the car as I drive my kids to school on weekdays. My son rolls his eyes while my daughter, fortunately or unfortunately for her, stays dozed off in the backseat of the car.  Today, however, my children didn’t get any of mom’s singing; I was in an awfully sour mood.

I hardly had any sleep as I burned the midnight oil hoping to get a lot of work done to free up my load this week. I was still dreaming about my awesome weekend: ran 10k with Annie on Saturday then biked 11k/ ran 4k alone on Sunday and I could hardly believe it was Monday again.

My plan for this week was to run, run, and run while squeezing in a couple of swims for the upcoming triathlon this Sunday. If there’s extra time, I was also hoping to take a Bikram session and spend a day at the gym.  But, with the way things were going early this morning, I doubt if I’ll even have energy to keep my eyelids from falling the next few days. My deadlines are tight and I’ve got a lot of other tasks to accomplish while juggling the most demanding job of all: mommyhood. 

Ah, such is life. One just learns to roll with the punches, to give 100% at every task even when weary and spent, and to pray to the high heavens that—despite the lack of training and sleep—one will survive the triathlon that one was crazy enough to sign up for. Gulp.