My Christmas Wish List

Thursday, 18 December 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Where is it: My Christmas Wish List?  I’ve been so busy with work, the kids, dinners, workouts and shopping that I’ve realized just now that I haven’t sat down to think about what I want for Christmas, which is only a week away! (Gasp!)  So, here I go, typing as I think about everything I wish to receive:  (Listen up, hubby!)

  1. A bike:  It seems that my months of hinting have fallen on deaf ears as I still don’t see a bike in the garage, so here I am spelling it out for the dearest hubby to read.  I want a B-I-K-E.  If it doesn’t fit into the budget this December, then I will patiently wait.  Do not get me jewelry, clothes, shoes, or a bag because I will wrap them up and give them to relatives next year.  This bull will only accept a bike for Christmas.
  2. An injury-free holiday.  Christmas break—just like sem break and summer—is a mommy-driver’s time off!  It’s the season for full-blast, no holds barred, elite-level, wow-look-at-my-toned-legs type of training.  I’m hoping that when school ends for my kids this Friday, my knees are ready for the long runs I’ve been dreaming of.
  3. Lots of massage.  Isn’t this long holiday break heaven?  I plan to spend every waking minute of this break at home getting a full body massage with extra loving care on my tight ITBs. Massage from my acupuncturist would be great too.
  4. Secret project success.  So, I’ve been head-over-heels busy because I’ve been cooking up a project that has everything to do with running.  My wish is that when I launch in January 2009, it comes out as I had envisioned it—or better.  (Sorry, I can’t divulge any details as of the moment.  If I do, I would have to burn your running shoes and kill you.)  

Such a short list!  I thought it would be so much longer.  Well, it doesn’t take too much to make this bull happy.