Subic Seven

Monday, 29 December 2008  |  Bullish Insights

Just got back from Subic with the hubby, kids, and my side of the family.  We spent three full days of lounging around at the beach, eating to our stomach’s delight, and enjoying each other’s company.  



With my Dad’s recent passing, we thought that the first Christmas without Dad would be most difficult for my Mom, so we decided to bring her out to Subic.  We are seven siblings—2 of whom are out of town—so the five of us from Manila packed our bags, along with our families or girlfriends, for some rest, relaxation, and a long-delayed family trip.

{ 7 KM }

Of course, hubby and I packed our running gear too.

We were like empty nesters on the first night as the kids chose to sleep over with their cousins.  This, however, gave us the opportunity to run together early the following morning without worrying about them.

At 6:15 a.m., we stepped out of our hotel, Subic Yacht Club, and faced the chilly breeze near the dock behind our hotel.  We warmed up with a light jog along the sidewalk of the main road, Rizal Highway, to avoid the few cars that were cruising on the roads.  In hindsight, I don’t know what would’ve been a better choice: running on the road and risking death, or having to run through that sidewalk comprised of slabs of concrete connected to each other with holes in between each one, which left us staring down at our feet throughout the run to avoid stepping into a hole.

After a few kilometers, we made a left on Binictican Drive towards Subic Homes where the rest of the family stayed.  Now, these asphalted roads had less traffic and were lined with trees on both sides.  I ran in front of hubby, both of us with our ipods on, in a leisurely 6:30 pace.  We practically owned the roads at that time so, like the queen of the road, I started singing aloud along with Beyonce.

When we reached 3.5km at the Subic Golf & Country Club’s driving range, we made a u-turn, ran through those dreaded sidewalks, and arrived at the hotel for a total of 7 km.  We could’ve gone farther, but we had to make it back in time for the beach.

{ 7 LBS. }

I think I was stuffing adobo into my mouth, dipping chips into salsa, or dropping Food for the Gods unto my tongue throughout the entire trip.  It was a food fest, I tell you.  And, despite that 7 km (or 405 calorie) run, I managed to gain a whopping 7 lbs. in three days…

S-E-V-E-N!  Can you believe that?!

I’m guessing three of those pounds is water weight, so that’ll be gone by tomorrow morning.  As for the four other pounds…oh boy, it’ll take more than a good night’s sleep to get rid of those, but I’m definitely not allowing them to join me in 2009.  Two days of discipline should take care of them…I hope.