My New Old Roadie

Monday, 9 February 2009  |  Gear + Gadgets

Guess who has a new hand-me-down roadie…


Uhm, well actually it isn’t mine. It was just entrusted to me by my dearest running buddy, Annie, before she left for Singapore.

Annie loves this bike of hers.  She cleans it every morning and cares for it as if it was her 4th child. Her decision to leave the bike with me truly meant a lot to me as she knew how much I needed cross training to get over this injury. I guess, being best running buddies, she knew that I would take forever to spend so much money on purchasing my own bike.

Last Saturday, exactly one week to the day Annie left for Singapore, I thought of spending the day with her beloved bike. I planned on making casual conversation with the bike and try to get to know it better in hopes that it would make for a good training buddy. Unfortunately, the rain started to pour so my date with the roadie was postponed.

Instead, I headed for the gym for solo time spinning plus strength training.  Gawd, it was so boring.  (Can I just say this one more time?  I hate the gym!)  I took a quick shower and headed out the door dwelling on the mind-numbing workout I just had vs. the fun I would have had if Annie hadn’t left. After all, it was a Saturday morning and Saturday mornings were always LSD days with Annie.  

That’s when it happened. Suddenly, I missed Annie so much. By the time I entered the car, I was crying my eyes out, utterly depressed over the loss of Annie.  I texted her about how much I missed her knowing that I wouldn’t get a reply soon because she’d be busy working.

Ugh. All this drama creeps up on me every now and then—when I drive past San Juanico where we used to meet, when I’m thinking about signing up for a race, when I remember Saturday mornings—but, I’ll be fine. Annie is doing great over there too.  

That Saturday evening, Annie called.  She asked me how the injury was going, her bike, upcoming races, and she went on to tell me that she lived near a track oval (lucky girl) and a huge sports center. She’s been awfully busy so she’s been running through the city at night. We chatted about everything and anything under the sun, just like before, as if she hadn’t left.

As for the bike and I, I have a feeling we’ll get along just as well as Annie and I did…