TBR 2×6 Recovery Program

Wednesday, 11 February 2009  |  Therapy + Injury

It seems to be working!  My homemade training recipe to rid me of Runner’s Knee and ITB problems is finally showing positive results. Maybe Jun is right, I should start calling myself Dr. Bull Runner due to my extensive experience with injuries.

Last month, I created the “TBR 2 x 6 Recovery Program” which goes like this:

MON:  Spin 1hr + Weights (Upper body)
TUES: Swim, min 1km
WED: Run, min 5km + Weights (Lower body) + Hatha Yoga (PM)
THUR: Spin, 1hr + Weights (Upper body)
FRI: Swim, min 1km 
SAT: Bike out + Weights (Lower body)
SUN: Run, min 5km + Bikram Yoga (PM)
* Plus: sports massage twice in a week

Why 2 x 6? Because it’s twice per week for each of the six activities: run, swim, bike (this is actually thrice), yoga, weights and my favorite, massage! There’s a REST DAY that pops up in there every week depending on my sched with work and the kids. But, for the most part, I’ve stuck with the program the past month as best as I can.

To be honest with you, I don’t know what I was thinking when I created this program. It’s almost like a serious triathlete’s training program, but without much of the distance and intensity as I don’t want to injure the few body parts I have that are functioning properly.

So far, it’s given me a lot of benefits, from keeping the injury blues at bay to strengthening all the other muscles that were never touched by running.  But, the biggest benefit so far is this: Running pain-free twice this week!  Yes, I think I’m finally on my way to full recovery!  Crossing my fingers!