The Second Wind Running Store

Friday, 3 April 2009  |  News + Promos

The Second Wind Running Store, a specialty running shop co-owned by partners, Hector Yuzon and Neville Manaois, finally opened its doors to the public last March 28, 2009. Located in Teacher’s Village, near U.P. and Ateneo, this store, although small in size, is a big blessing to runners and students nearby.


Second Wind carries big name brands in running shoes such as Mizuno, Asics, and New Balance (Asics is currently on sale). They also sell apparel, hydration belts, Optic Nerve shades, Sports Beans, Accel gel and more.

The great thing about this store is that it is owned and managed by runners. Hector, who is a self-confessed shoe nerd and ex-Nike employee, and Neville, team principal of Pinoy Ultra Runners, can give you tips on choosing the right shoe for your foot and make wise recommendations on brands and models. Their extensive knowledge with running shoes doesn’t come from a company module, but from hands-on (or more like feet-on) experience during their own ultra runs. No clueless salesmen nor misdiagnosed feet here (both of which I experienced at local big brand stores.)


– Hector talks about his greatest love. No, not her!  I meant, shoes! –


– Neville playing cashier –

Second Wind also has a treadmill in the store to allow customers to test the shoe for a quick run.


– Jun runs with jeans to strengthen his legs.  PR in the next race! –

Pretty soon, they will offer gait analysis using a software imported from the U.S. to guide you when shopping for shoes.


– Can’t wait! –

Before you leave the store, you can even sign up to join the informal running group they’ve created. Meet up at the store and just run together for fun.

Beyond all that, after spending over three hours there yesterday, I would say that what I love most about the store is it’s atmosphere. It is all running in there. One wall was adorned with race bibs and medals from the most memorable races of runners (My Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon bib is there and Hector promised he’d give it back. Right, Hec?) while another wall has photos of Running Aid talks, Pinoy Ultra races, and favorite races. Everyone in the store were runners: a young runner from the U.P. track team zipped in and out of the store in between his road run and other Pinoy Ultra runners, Mikey and Dr. Paolo, dropped by for even more running talk.


– My favorite bib is Jeremy’s muddy TNF100 race bib (011) on the upper right –

Congratulations to The Second Wind Running Store and wishing you more success. I have a feeling that Second Wind will be like a Second Home for a lot of runners.


– See that ugly laugh? Told you we had fun –


– with Neville, Jun, Hec and Doc Pao –

88 Maginhawa St.
Teachers Village, QC