Condura Run 2010 Survey

Wednesday, 27 May 2009  |  Race Announcements

The people over at Condura—specifically Ton Concepcion—are currently planning for Condura Run 2010.  (Isn’t it great to know that they’re starting this early?) They want to hear your thoughts on these points:  (Go ahead and submit your answers as a comment below)

1.  When do you want Condura Run 2010 to be held?  JANUARY 17 or MARCH 7?

Update as of May 28…Other blogs may have announced Jan. 17 as final race date. Please disregard those announcements. According to Ton Concepcion, “the final confirmation whether the run will be on Jan 17 or March will depend on the survey being done by The Bull Runner…The final announcement on the final date will be made by The Bull Runner.”

2.  Your Wishlist for Condura Run