Condura Run 2010 Photos

Monday, 8 February 2010  |  Race Reports

– Race area was packed with runners. Running ka-boom! –

– Hector of Secondwind –

– Injured Banggi watched from the sidelines. Miss you Banggi! –

– Dr. Yong Larrazabal flew in from Cebu to run his nth marathon –

– Itong of Polo Tri –

– Yeoooowch! –

– Marc Parco with wife Tiffin in the background in their signature sea animal hats. Congrats to the new marathon, Marc! –

– Bautech running group –

Condura Run 2010 Website is Up

Saturday, 19 December 2009  |  Race Announcements

The Condura Run is always one of the most anticipated running events of the year.  It is known as THE run for runners, by runners as the brains behind the event are two passionate running brothers, Ton and Patrick Concepcion, who will stop at nothing to ensure that the race they offer is at par with the many races they’ve run themselves.

The Concepcion brothers are hands-on with race organization from conceptualization (they started sending out surveys as early as May 2009! Click here to read what most runners wished for!) down to implementation (for Condura 2009, I met Ton during set up on the eve of the race!)  So, it comes as no surprise that, as early as two months prior to race day, the website is up with all details laid out for runners to go gaga over.


– I found myself as an “extra” on Condura’s website! Cool! –

Just like last year, the website is one of the best race websites I’ve seen providing complete and relevant information designed in a simple, visually appealing, and easy-to-read format.

Click here to view the Condura Run 2010 – Run for Dolphins website.

My advice to all those who want to join this race:  Train NOW.  Register NOW.

See you on the Skyway on February 7, 2010!

Condura Run 2010 Survey

Wednesday, 27 May 2009  |  Race Announcements

The people over at Condura—specifically Ton Concepcion—are currently planning for Condura Run 2010.  (Isn’t it great to know that they’re starting this early?) They want to hear your thoughts on these points:  (Go ahead and submit your answers as a comment below)

1.  When do you want Condura Run 2010 to be held?  JANUARY 17 or MARCH 7?

Update as of May 28…Other blogs may have announced Jan. 17 as final race date. Please disregard those announcements. According to Ton Concepcion, “the final confirmation whether the run will be on Jan 17 or March will depend on the survey being done by The Bull Runner…The final announcement on the final date will be made by The Bull Runner.”

2.  Your Wishlist for Condura Run

Condura Mania

Friday, 20 March 2009  |  Race Announcements

Who’s joining Condura?  Or, maybe one should ask: Who’s NOT joining Condura?  The past week, I haven’t had a conversation with running friends (or even with my husband) without mentioning the Condura race.  “How’s your training going for Condura?”, “Mainit kaya sa skyway?”, “10k or 21k?” or   “Pagkatapos na ng Condura yan.”  It seems that the Condura Race has become that big of an event for runners that most of us have marked it on our calendars and have made our schedules revolve around this one race.

Uhm, I’m certainly guilty of that.  Yes, despite the injury, I am foolish enough to run the half marathon on Sunday.  Plan is to go for a slow, easy, and happy run with little concern for time (or faster runners passing me by…sob sob) and full focus on safety.  All week I’ve prepped my body for this race with slow training runs, 1k swims, 2 deep tissue massages, 1 dry needling session, stretching and lots of prayers.  I’m anxious but excited.

I’m guessing most of you feel the same way.  There are a lot of newbies out there who will make Condura their first race.  (Good luck guys!) Even more serious, experienced runners who aim to improve their time this coming Sunday.  Whatever your goal, remember to have fun.  Just try your best to banish the thought that your finish times will be published in the Philippine Star.  Gulp!

See you on the Skyway!

Condura Update: Results will be published in Phil. Star

Thursday, 19 March 2009  |  Race Announcements

According to Patrick C., Condura runners’ names and finishing times will be published on the Philippine Star by race category and from fastest to slowest times.

Phew. Even more reason to go out there and run our best!