Botak Postponed to Aug. 23

Wednesday, 24 June 2009  |  Race Announcements

Botak has announced that it will only hold the BOTAK Paa-tibayan Takbo 100KM Ultra-Marathon Race this Sunday.  All other race distances—the street mile challenge, 5 miler, and 10 miler—-has been postponed to August 23, 2009.

Official memo from Botak: 

The Ultra-Marathon Races – 100K and 50K solo shall proceed this coming weekend but due to the pressure from our school participants we are re-scheduling the date for our Street Mile, 10 and 5 Miler Race this coming June 28, 2009 to Aug. 23, 2009 in the UP Campus Diliman.

We had received a number of requests from our school participants who had been affected by the recent virus scare also. BOTAK has been tapping grass roots participants (kids and students from various schools, public and private) to participate however a lot of schools had been closed or either cancelled. The bulk of our registrants came from the corporate and schools category.

With all this we had painstakingly considered a changed of schedule.