Runnr opens June 12

Wednesday, 10 June 2009  |  Bullish Insights


The first state-of-the-art concept store for running opens its doors on June 12 on Bonifacio High Street.  RUNNR is the first and only specialty store of its kind with all manner of runners in mind.

It will have the best running gear from all the top brands such as Adidas, Asics, Fuelbelt, Hammer, Mizuno, Nathan, New Balance, Nike, Polar and many more.  It will also be the first to launch the revolutionary line of Newton Running Shoes and CW-X compression apparel in the country.

RUNNR will feature an exclusive Footworx Fitting process that leads customers thru a comprehensive series of tests such as our Footprint Scan and High-Speed Video Gait Analysis. Plus we will be the first to offer Custom Insole Moulding in the store, while-you-wait.

RUNNR, thru the vision of its founder and avid runner Toby Claudio, has enlisted the services of the best in the fields of retail and running. Andy Niven, an elite runner who is an Ironman triathlon finisher is the man leading the team from RedGoods, a Hong Kong based retail entertainment design firm who did the design for the store. Niven has had more than 20 years’ experience managing broad-based retail and commercial design throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia for such clients as Disney and New Balance.

A team of highly trained and passionate staff will be equipped to analyze foot morphology using the Runnr Podoscope, which uses two combined features: a themodynamic scanning system for viewing the foot print and direct measurement of foot and arch dimensions  which determine foot type. The store is also equipped with the Professional High-Speed Video Gait analysis system to determine a person’s precise gait characteristics as he/she runs on a treadmill.


The RUNNR staff is also capable of recommending the proper footwear to suit the individual’s foot type, leg axis, and gait pattern based on the results of the video analysis. These customized services ensure that whatever one’s requirements as a runner, the shoes minimize foot instability for better absorption of shock, and minimize fatigue while maximizing energy transfer. There’s also the option to create a custom insole using the exclusive RUNNR “FlashFit” process that uses heat to create special insoles molded to the exact shape of any foot in just 10 seconds.  This machine won an innovation award for being the most creative invention for the running market in 2008.

Other running gear available at RUNNR include Fuelbelt and Nathan hydration packs, Polar heart-rate monitors, and will be the first to market the revolutionary line of Newton running shoes in the Philippines.

RUNNR specialty store is the only one in the country and in the world to incorporate all these products and services under one roof.

For more information, you may visit the RUNNR at building B3 of Bonifacio High Street or log onto