TBR Magazine Shoot – Behind the Scenes (April 09 Issue)

Friday, 19 June 2009  |  Bullish Insights

As we prepare for the release of the 2nd issue of TBR Magazine, I thought of sharing some behind-the-scenes shots from our very first issue last April 2009. 

The photos should show you how serious we are about giving you all runners an informative resource on all things running, while inspiring and motivating you to reach your respective goals.  For this issue, we shot at various locations on different days. For our cover story, we shot Sen. Pia Cayetano at the polo field in Alabang Country Club.


– Sen. Pia being prepped by Ben and her assistant, Che –

– Sen. Pia ready for the shot –

– End of our first cover shoot for the first issue of TBR Mag.  Ben, Sen. Pia, myself, my kids and hubby, and Marga –

For the PR section, we asked my good friend Annie Agoncillo to run through the empty lots near Temple Drive in Pasig. And, for the training article, we asked Coach George to run up and down the steep hill behind Ultra.


– Annie being prepped for her shot.  (She’ll kill me for posting this) –

– Ben and Coach George near Ultra –

It is serious work, but most of the time, it doesn’t feel like it for me.  Working on TBR Magazine is probably the best job in the world. I get to work with talented people who are masters at their craft, plus they are runners, too.  (They should be, right?!)  Our photographer, writers, and down to our talents for each article are all runners.  Even our printer at that time considered taking up running when she read through the drafts!

Our July issue will be out in the next couple of weeks.  Expect a thicker (almost double the pages) and better (we listened to your comments!) TBR Magazine.  I’ll let you know where and when we’ll be releasing them. Thank you once again to the wonderful team behind TBR Magazine – March Issue 2009:

  • Photographer: Ben Chan of Photovendo (Photographer on the Run)
  • Writers: Marga Deona (The Changeling Child), Hector Yuzon (Second Wind), Coach Rio de la Cruz (Finish Line), Armand Mendoza
  • Illustrator: Smith Herrera (The Lone Runner)
  • Talents: Carmen Feliciano, Coach George, Annie Agoncillo, Jun Cruz
  • Consultants: Jun Cruz (Sole Mates), Janice Villanueva (Mommy Pages)