Botak Paa-Tibayan Takbo 100k Race Report

Thursday, 2 July 2009  |  Bullish Insights

Last Sunday, June 28, two races were held at U.P. Diliman Campus: the GIG Run and the Botak Paa-Tibayan Takbo 100k.  I chose to participate in the GIG Run’s 10k event and delayed plans for signing up for Botak’s 100k until—uhm—maybe when my kids are already in college.

I’ve been neck deep in work (worked on TBR Magazine Issue 2 which will be released next week—woohoo!) so I failed to write my race report for GIG.  (So sorry to the organizers!)  But, it was a well-organized fun run which I thoroughly enjoyed despite how exhausted I felt at a mere 5k.  (Lesson: never watch a long movie such as Transformers 2 the night prior to a race.)

As for Botak, I have heard nothing but good reviews about the race.  Big congratulations to Botak and good friend, Neville Manaois, who organized the ultramarathon.  What you guys did was no mean feat!

Below is the race report as shared by Botak.  Congratulations to Coach Roel’s little bro Jesse Ano who broke the record for the 100km!…

It all started at 1am on the crisp morning of June 28, 2009 when 81 brave souls assembled to the starting line at Yllanan road in UP Diliman for the first 100 kilometer race in Metro Manila.



Everybody was so eager especially the support officials coming from the City Governments of Quezon City and Marikina. There was a ratio of three marshals to every participant. One motorbike, one scooter marshal and one ground marshal. There were also seventeen mobile patrol cars with blinkers-on, that safe guarded all the participants. As I quote one participant “It was iron clad from start to finish”.

The race had turned out as a day for Jessie Ano whose performance was worthy of breaking the 26 year old national record of Mr. Felix Baredo the time of 8:27.10. Jessie Ano clocked in at an amazing 8:06.56 to win by 59 mins ahead of 2008 Koko Marathon Champion Pepito Deapera clocking in at 9:01:04




Official results of Botak Paa-Tibayan 100km:

1Final Results of BOTAK 100KM