Hunting for a Hydration Belt

Friday, 31 July 2009  |  Gear + Gadgets

I’ve had my AMPHIPOD RUNLITE 4 for almost two years now.  We’ve been through it all together—big and small races, training runs, and even runs abroad. He’s been a great buddy, quite demonstrative as he’s always hugging my hips, providing adequate hydration during each and every run.  One of my helpers loved him so much that she even took one bottle home with her…argh.  Now, I’m left with three bottles instead of 4.


– Amphipod Runlite 4 –

Lately though, I feel like my amphi has been slipping away—literally.  Ever since I started wearing compression tights, whether its Skins or CW-X, the amphipod will slide up towards my waist and bounce at every step.  During the Run for Home half marathon, I re-adjusted my amphi almost every 5 minutes to keep it from disturbing me during the run.  I’ve considered wearing it over my singlet, but despite the belt being the in thing now in the fashion world, I don’t think it looks good for active wear. 

So, lately I’ve been wondering if the other hydration belts have a better, snugger fit?  And, if so, I’m actually considering getting another one.  Should it be the FUEL BELT I saw at Runnr?

– Endurance 4 Bottle Belt –

Or the NATHAN which I also spotted at Planet Sports before?

– Nathan Speed 4 –

While I’m thinking about this, here are a few tips for beginners on how to maximize your hydration belt:

  1. Fill it not just with water, but your favorite sports drink, too.  If I’m carrying 4 bottles, I place water in 2 and Gatorade in the other 2.  I use the water to drink along with my gels and also to pour over my body if it gets hot.  
  2. Use the pouch for long runs.  I don’t bring my pouch on short runs since pockets in clothing can hold a car key or a gel.  If I’m carrying the pouch, I put gels, car keys (if I’m driving alone), one piece tissue for emergencies (from a sneeze to a toilet nightmare), and ipod wrapped in a plastic ice bag to prevent it from warping.
  3. Choose a belt that will progress along with you.  Don’t buy a belt with only one bottle because you’re just running 5ks now.  If you see yourself running long and far in the future, get a belt that will carry you through marathons and maybe ultramarathons.