3 Days to Nike Hood to Coast Relay

Tuesday, 25 August 2009  |  Bullish Insights

Three days to race day.  I fly off to Portland, Oregon for the Nike Hood to Coast Relay tomorrow!  To say that I am excited would be an understatement.  Can you see me doing cartwheels?!

Last week, I received a detailed plan for our team: “Chili Crabs.”  I’m Runner No. 10 in a team of 12.  Each of us will be running three legs each.  I’ll be running Legs 10 (6.43 miles – moderate), 22 (6.81 miles – hard), and 34 (4.13 miles – moderate).  Click here for course map.  The distance is manageable, but the terrain, temperature, and my ability to run with little sleep in the dark will be a fun challenge.  Truth be told, I think I’m more concerned about how to change clothes in a van full of people or if there’ll be a restroom at all in the mountains!

Today, I read through a more detailed itinerary of the entire 6-day trip, which had me raising my arms in the air yelling as if I’d won the lottery.  Aside from the race, I was looking forward to touring Nike Campus.  I thought we would roam about, go shopping, and perhaps look for Lance in the area (oh, I think that’s just me!)  But, I was overjoyed to see this on our schedule: CAMPUS JOG. Woohoo, we’re even going to run in there a couple of days before the race!  And, it doesn’t stop there.  We also have a WILDWOOD TRAIL RUN pencilled into the sched!  This is truly a runner’s adventure and, to be honest with you, I couldn’t have thought of a better trip for the runaholic that I am.  I cannot wait!

As of this writing, I’ve just finished most of my work deadlines, which clears the rest of the day for the following important activities before I leave for Oregon tomorrow:

  1. Run 10k
  2. Meet with iamNinoy Runner Group steercom
  3. Shop for toiletries and snacks
  4. Pack!
  5. Bond with the kiddos
  6. Figure out how to use Twitter on my cell so I can update you (and the hubby who will be missing me lots!)