I Took the Adizero Gram Challenge

Tuesday, 11 August 2009  |  Bullish Insights

Last Friday, I joined the AdiZero Gram Challenge at Adidas Greenbelt 5.  I was invited to bring my own running shoe to pit against the AdiZero women’s shoe which weighed 245g.  Of course, I brought the lightest shoe I could find in my shoe cabinet, dusted it off, and removed the insole to make it as light as possible.  My shoe weighed in at 230g.  Woohoo, I automatically got 20% off the AdiZero Boston, Aegis, or Tempo.


Had my shoe been heavier, I would actually have gotten a discount too as seen in this chart:


Shortly after the weigh-in, Adidas shoe expert Xavier went on to discuss the AdiZero line in more detail.

– Xavier discusses the AdiZero Aegis, Boston, and Tempo –

I also got to try the AdiZero Boston and AdiZero Tempo. The Tempo made it home with me. It’s scheduled for a road test tomorrow, but may I say in advance that it is one attractive shoe. More about it in the days to come…


– with RicoV (Sheerwill), Luis (Gingerbread Running), Jinoe (takbo.ph), Vener (Run Unltd.), Rene (Jazz Runner), and Sam (Running Ninja) –

The AdiZero Gram Challenge is from August 1 to 31, 2009. For more info, click here.