Levi’s Fun Run Details

Friday, 21 August 2009  |  Race Announcements

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Levi’s Fun run is still accepting registrants until tomorrow. ¬†Registration was closed a few days ago, but organizers increased maximum number of participants to accomodate those who are still interested. ¬†UPDATE: I was just informed that registration is now closed.

I had a few questions regarding the race. ¬†Here are answers from Ronnie of Levi’s:

Q: Do runners have to wear Levi’s? Or any brand will do?
A: If they will wear jeans, they should be in Levi’s.

Q: Any type of jeans will do? e.g. shorts, capri, skirt?
A: Yes, any will do. Even a Levi’s tee, a Levi’s cap or any accessory will do.

Q: Will you be giving anything to those who wear jeans (aside from prize for winner in jeans)
A: As a token, runners in whatever Levi’s (top or bottom) will be given a freebie when they cross the finish line.