Missing Guy After Adidas King of The Road, Malaysia

Monday, 3 August 2009  |  Race Announcements

I received this disturbing note as a comment on my blog…  

Gary is missing. He didn’t show up after the run and he even left his belongings and car. Everyone (organisers, family and friends) are looking for him. There is a youtube video of him collapsing at the stadium, but the paramedics said that they let him go after checking him. But no one has found him till now.

Name: Gary Leon Robert
IC number: 870818145695
Running no: A793

Click here to watch the video of Gary collapsing at the stadium.

Anyone with information, please call 012-3802133 OR 016-977 8919.

3 August 2009

First I thought it was a hoax until I checked the source of the video, Runwitme, a credible runner and an online friend since I started blogging.

While we cannot do much from where we are here in Manila to help, I thought of posting it to serve as a reminder for all of us runners to always be careful during races.  We never know what can happen.  

UPDATE (AUGUST 6, 2009):

The Star Online
Nine Over Ten blog

Safety tips I would recommend:

  1. Join a race with a buddy or a group.
  2. Wear a Road ID or any kind of identification.
  3. Park in well lit areas or near the guard.
  4. Carry only what you’ll need during the race.  No need for expensive jewelry or gadgets.
  5. Tuck a small amount of cash in your pocket for emergencies.
  6. Inform someone at home where the race will be held and what time you’ll be back (if you’re running alone.)
  7. Consider including mace in your gym bag.

Feel free to add more tips I may have missed.

I hope they find Gary soon.