Run Radio – Episode 2

Saturday, 1 August 2009  |  Bullish Insights

Run Radio Episode 2 wasn’t as sweat-busting and nerve-wracking as the first one.  

Last night, my partner, Jay Nacino (Prometheus Cometh) and I, as well as our producer, Marga Deona (The Changeling Child), were much more relaxed and prepared for the show.  We brought along a more comprehensive script, our own notes, plus a ton of learnings from the debut last week.  All these helped to ease the nerves and allowed us to enjoy the experience even more.  One hour felt like a minute!  It was so much fun.

Thanks to all those who listened!  For those who missed it, download the podcast here.

– J&J –

– with guest, Coach Ige Lopez –

– with Jay, Marga, Dr. George Bodegon, and Hector Yuzon –

– Just before our Run Radio group hug! hah! –

* Photos courtesy of Angel Nacino. Thanks, Angel!