New Balance Power Run Postponed to Nov. 29

Saturday, 26 September 2009  |  Race Announcements

New Balance has officially announced the postponement of its New Balance Power Run slated for tomorrow to November 29 instead due to bad weather and flooding.  I got this message from Bing Buenaventura at 12:30pm:

We wish to inform you that the New Balance Power Run Raising Hope is postponed due to weather conditions making it impossible (flooding) to set up and stage it properly tomorrow morning. The new date of the NB Power Run is November 29, 2009, Sunday.  Same venue.  Weekends in between are fully booked.  Please mark your calendars and keep your race kits for additional perks.  

Kindly check your favorite running blogs, radio, and other media announcements.  For any questions, call New Balance stores and Planet Sports registration stores ONLY.* 

Thank you very much for your understanding.

* According to NB, there is an anonymous texter sending false New Balance advisory and confusing runners regarding race packets.  Please make sure you get your race information from a credible source.

Great job to ExTribe and New Balance who managed this situation very well.  They decided promptly (and wisely) and they didn’t leave us all to wake up in the wee hours of race day morning to wonder if the race was pushing through.

Now, I need to run 21km tomorrow.  It’s in my program and I told myself when I committed to this that there would be no excuse for skipping a run.  So, I’m left with two choices: 1) run and die of boredom on a treadmill, or 2) run under the rain and have a grand time (aah, fond memories of EcoDash are getting me all teary eyed.)  If the wind isn’t too strong (and I don’t have to swim my way through the floods), I’ll probably run with friends in Makati or the Fort.  

To all the crazy runners out there who will do the same, I’ll see you on the road!  As Sen. Pia and Coach Ani said on Run Radio, it’s rain or rain!