5 Post-Marathon Rewards

Friday, 23 October 2009  |  Running + Triathlon

Every hard step I took in my first marathon at QCIM has come back a hundredfold by way of wonderful blessings. Here are 5 rewards I received this week for the effort I put in last Sunday:

1. Food

 I think I’ve eaten my quota of food for the whole year in the past five days alone. My first words to my husband after I crossed the finish line are words that he will forever keep in his heart as a sign of our deep and everlasting bond, I said “Do you have food? I need food!”

I’m not a big eater as I put on weight faster than you can say McDonalds, but for the past five days I have been able to eat to my heart’s content. Aaah, if I could I would run a marathon weekly just so I have the chance to eat to my heart’s content.

2. Absence of Soreness or Injury

I vividly remember how I ended my long races in the past: limping way back to the hotel after my Singapore Half Marathon, or cringing in pain as I entered the car on the long drive home from Clark after New Balance 25k. But, now after the full marathon at QCIM, I was a walking fiend, attending a baptism for lunch and dropping by the Adidas Running Expo at SM Megamall. The following days, I barely felt any soreness. My right ankle swelled for a day, but disappeared on its own after some ice (accompanied by minor panic!)

3. Free day from the gym

Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you pick the “Get Out of Jail Card” in Monopoly—except, of course, a free pass from the gym! That’s what I got from my PT, Peter, when I informed him about my 32k-turned-42k last Sunday. He immediately replied: “Skip Monday. See you on Friday instead!” Wooohooo! (Note: As much as I have an aversion for the gym, I would have to admit it played a key role in my performance at QCIM)

4. Confidence

You don’t know how nervous (read: paranoid) I was about my goal marathon, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. 42km was a number that was simply out of reach. I worried about hitting the wall at 32km, cramping up, or my knees locking midway (just like in Singapore Half last year.)  But, now that I’ve done the 42km and managed to come out of it alive (and with a smile, too!), I’m a little bit more confident about my body’s performance (no worries about the mind and soul because I know I want the marathon bad!)

5. God’s Gift

So, I do believe (and you can tell me if you think I’m mistaken) that God was watching from above while I was running the 42k and He said “She’s been through so much injury, I should give her a gift if she finishes the marathon.” So, He sent one of the most perfect men on earth to me; He got him thinking about running and gave us a chance to meet. This future runner just started training with Coach Rio and will run 10km at the Timex Race on November 15. By God’s grace, I had the pleasure of spending time with him, glaring at him for hours, and handing him a copy of my heart, er, I mean my TBR Magazine. Maybe you know him? Here’s our photo…



– with Piolo at the Timex Presscon –