TBR Magazine Inbox Winner

Friday, 20 November 2009  |  News + Promos


Speaking of winners, my favorite online reader, Anton aka Cougcat, became my favorite TBR Magazine letter-sender as well when he submitted this winning entry for the magazine:

I see a pile of mags beside the jelly beans I eat.
I grab one copy, walk away and find somewhere discreet,
Then scan the cover, noticing the features are complete

I flip the page and see a list of upcoming road races,
The whole page comes complete, with people, dates, and places.
I flip some more, and see a couple advertisement spaces.
From running watches, to running shoes with fully tied shoelaces.

Also, there’s an article on how the Happy Run
Used running as tool to give a school a ray of sun.
Through the efforts Drew Arellano has begun,
Improvements in the Bagong Silang School can now be done.

I learn some tips from articles on hydration and distance training
Common myths and unknown truths on running – they’re explaining
A write-up on the Condura race was also entertaining,
I browsed through it, before proceeding to the final pages remaining.

An index helpful to a runner spanned across two pages
The info is helpfully grouped into subsections or stages
Arriving at the final sheet, a picture showing how running’s contagious
And a running comic involving beverages.

The TBR magazine is truly great nutrition
For anyone who considers running as their strong ambition.
But after reading through it all you might have a bad disposition
Because you’ll have to wait another three months for the next edition!

For his creative efforts, Anton won a pair of Nike Lunar Glides, which came at the perfect time as Typhoon Ondoy soaked his family’s entire home in Provident Village including his old running shoes.  Congratulations Anton! And, thank you to Tony Atayde of Nike for the shoes.

If you have a copy of TBR Magazine, feel free to email comments to tbr(at)thebullrunner.com and get a chance to win a pair of your own Nike Running Shoes if your letter is published.