The Best and The Worst for 2009

Wednesday, 30 December 2009  |  Bullish Insights

What a year it has been! In 2009, running took me to places (or races) I never thought I’d reach and introduced me to runners who share the same passion for the sport.  On the same note, it also took me through hell and back with not the most ideal running experiences. Let’s go for a full rewind for the best and worst running experiences in MY running life for 2009:



1. My First Marathon at QC International Marathon. The journey to my first marathon was long (took two years) and hard (tons of injuries), but it made crossing the finish line at 4:54 all the more fulfilling.  They say “You will never forget your first” and this rings true for me. It may have been unofficial, accidental and half-bandit, but it is and will always be my first real 42km.

2. Nike Hood to Coast. The best and biggest running adventure of my life! Thank you to Nike for giving me the opportunity to join the Mother of all Relays and to visit Oregon.

3. Launch of The Bull Runner Magazine. My dream passion project turned into reality early 2009. Working on TBR Magazine didn’t feel like work at all with such a wonderful team. Thank you to Marga, Ben, Maui & Kevin, Janice and all the past contributors and covers.  Here’s to an even better year ahead as we go bi-monthly!

4. iamNinoy Runners Group. Running took on even more meaning when I decided to join iamNinoy. For each run wearing our yellow shirt, funds were donated to the 5775 Movement to reverse the education crisis in the country.  Working with the steercom (Jamike, Mayi, Drew, Francis, Jake, and Rapa) was great fun, too!

5. Becoming a DJ for Run Radio. Who would’ve thought I would become a DJ someday? I will always have fond memories of Run Radio with co-host Jay and our dearest boss, Marga. It was a nerve-wracking yet wonderful experience.  More power to Run Radio and Season 2’s new hosts!

6. Animo Mini Sprint Triathlon. My 2nd try for a triathlon and I bagged 2nd Place for Females Overall. It was a wonderful surprise. Do I continue to tri in 2010?  Maybe, if hubby gets me a bike. (ehem). Ultramarathoning is another goal for 2010 though.

7. Runners. I made new friends this year in running which made life all the more colorful.  Thank you to all those who have touched my life this year: those I bumped into at the most important races (Neville, Hector, Atty. Raymund, Jay), loyal readers of TBR (Reylenne, Armie, Raffy, and many more!), or those who email just to say hi. Thank you also to those who are always around (you know who you are!)


1. Ondoy. Typhoon Ondoy wreaked havoc in the city. Some runners stopped running to help and volunteer in their own way. Others used running to raise funds for the victims.

2. Injuries. The ultimate nightmare for a runner is to be injured. I started 2009 struggling with several injuries: ITBS, Runner’s Knee, Post-tib Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis, all at different times spanning several months. It taught me how to be a smarter runner.  And, it also proved that with patience and persistence you can still reach your marathon dream.

3. Losing my running buddy, Annie. My running partner, Annie Agoncillo, left early this year for Singapore. It was devastating for me since she was the one person who was as obsessed and serious with running as I was, and one who I had the most fun running with. Still miss you, Annie girl!

4. Singapore Marathon. I had high expectations for myself for this race, so I was severely disappointed when they weren’t met. I still can’t believe there was just a 5-minute difference from my first easy, happy, and relaxed QCIM Marathon to this huffing-and-puffing Singapore Marathon. Oh well, lessons learned.

5. Negative runners. Real runners are those who have a pure passion for running and who allow all the values gleaned from running to spill on over to the rest of their lives so that they become better human beings in the process. I applaud those who have managed to accomplish that, or those who at least try to make it there.  Then, there are those who launch negative attacks on others, criticize without fair judgement, rant without thinking, or post nasty comments on this blog with little regard for who they hurt.  Here’s to hoping that the new year will bring about change for all of us, so that we all don’t just try to become better RUNNERS, but better PEOPLE as well.