Saturday, 23 January 2010  |  Bullish Insights


They say “You’ll never forget your first.” And, when it comes to my first marathon, it is definitely true.

When I crossed the finish line at my first marathon at QCIM, the feeling was overwhelming and unforgettable.  Going a step further, I would say it was life-changing. I found a new confidence and strength that I never knew existed.  I realized how through plain old hard work I could do the impossible.  Now, when the going gets tough, I just look back at that first 42km and think: If I survived that, I can do anything.

Thus began my dream to inspire others to run their first marathon, or their second, or their third.  To make others feel the same way I did.  To help them effect change in their own lives.

For the past few months, I met with key people in the running scene, the best of the best, who I thought could help me offer the best of the best for others.  And, now that dream is coming true.

By next week, I’ll tell you all about it.  It’s so good you’ll think you’re dreaming…

* Photo by Levi Lakandula