TBR Dream Marathon Registration – CLOSED

Friday, 5 February 2010  |  Race Announcements

WOW.  We didn’t expect such a huge response from all of you.

Soon after we launched The Bull Runner Dream Marathon HERE last Monday, my inbox was inundated with reservation emails from a wide variety of runners—doctors, moms, lawyers, a couple from Cebu, and a U.S. Navy officer currently on a ship in the Persian Gulf (!)—eager to take part in their very first marathon.

By Thursday evening, we hit our desired number of participants: 200 runners.  And, on the same day, this blog shut down due to the high number of visits and downloads of TBR Magazine.  Amazing.  It was a headache, but hey it was mind-blowing.

To make a long story short, registration for TBR Dream Marathon is officially CLOSED.  We are not accepting anymore applicants.

To the 200 reserved runners: we will announce opening of registration by next week!  You should’ve all received via email the 16-week training program by Coach Jim Lafferty.  If you haven’t, please email me at thebullrunner(at)gmail.com with the subject FOLLOW UP.  We hope you’ve been using it already!