2nd Bull Circle with Coach Jim Saret

Friday, 12 March 2010  |  Bullish Insights

Our 2nd Bull Circle packed the corner of R.O.X. again last March 10 as over 150 runners arrived for Coach Jim Saret’s talk on “Getting the Body Marathon Ready.”

– One leg up! Coach Jim teaches runners some balance exercises –

– We were honored to have one armed super runner Isidro Vildosola… –

– Wonder tri mom Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan… –

– and Jun Bisnar, GM of Nuvali who celebrated his birthday that evening, and his wife Ofel in the audience –

Our 1-hour session extended to over 2 hours as Coach Jim caught the runners’ interest with his interactive discussion and demonstration on balance and core training for runners.

What I learned in this session:

  • BALANCE is important for runners!  With each step, one foot is on the ground and another in the air. One leg is at work to carry your body weight and keep you balanced. If you lack balance, one leg will have to work harder just to keep you balanced.
  • HOW TO DEVELOP BALANCE: single leg stabilization drills

  • – Why is balance important for runners? Click on the video to find out –

  • Runners should focus on strengthening the CORE. Focus on doing more core training rather than crunches, weight training, or plyometrics.
  • HOW TO ACTIVATE THE CORE: suck your belly button in!
  • HOW TO STRENGTHEN THE CORE: stability ball exercises, balance disc, planks

– with Coach Jim Saret –

– with Sid and Coach Jim –

* Thanks to Armie for some of the photos!

For those who missed the very informative talk, we have more videos coming up on youtube. Search for The Bull Runner.