Forget the Numbers

Thursday, 20 May 2010  |  Bullish Insights

People just love numbers.  Most especially some runners.

We all count how many kilometers we’ve run.  What pace we’re going at.  How long we’ve been using a pair of shoes.  This is all good since logging all these information can help you improve your performance.

I must confess: I too am time conscious and pace conscious, especially during races.  But, I think one shouldn’t be focused on numbers and data entirely.

I’ve made it a habit to run regularly without a watch or an ipod.  To enjoy the run for the run itself.  Nothing else.

This is all also what we’ve been talking about in TBR Dream Marathon.  Forget the numbers.  When it comes to your first marathon, just focus on finishing the 42 kilometers.  Enjoy the journey.  In TBR Dream Marathon, everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner.

When it comes to blogging, I have the same philosophy.  I write with no concern for the rankings.  Do I check my blog ranking regularly?  Not at all.  I’m no techy, even if I’m a blogger.  Do I care about search engine optimization and all?  For a month or two, then I got tired.  Do I write about specific items just to get amazing hits?  Never.  (Tip for bloggers: If you want to get high ratings, just write about running shoes and you’ll rise up the ranks.  I write about shoes only when I feel strongly about a shoe or I’m reviewing one).

I’m more of a runner who just talks and writes about running.  Heck, I practically live and breathe it.

I used to be a part of topblogs, but I quit it when I noticed it was turning into another race to be a top Pinoy running blogger.  I only heard about it twice, once through and recently through Women’s Health May 2010 issue where they featured running blogs.  According to Women’s Health May 2010 from, these are the rankings for top running blogs in May (although I seriously think that my friend Jinoe’s site is more of a forum):

Runrio – 2,597
Running Ninja – 8,570
Bald Runner – 9,592
TBR – 11,546

So, I got curious and checked my ranking just for the 2nd time in my life…

Runrio  –  7,492
TBR – 15,306
Running Ninja – 15,850
Bald Runner – 19,837

Aaaah, notice the huge changes in rankings?  Why would you spend so much time checking this if it changes every single day?  It’s such drudgery. I promise you I will never look at rankings again. I would rather be out there on the road running.