Thank You!

Monday, 24 May 2010  |  Race Reports

There are a million stories to share from TBR Dream Marathon last Saturday. But, I’ll save that for the rest of the week.






What comes first is a million thanks to everyone who shared in this dream and made it a reality.  My heart is bursting with gratitude to the outpouring of support not just for myself but for all the 300 runners who committed to running their first marathon.  Thank you so much to the following:

TBR DREAM MARATHONERS: To the TBR Dream Marathoners who trusted us with their first marathon, thank you!  We appreciate your patience, dedication, generosity and support.  We did this together!  Congratulations!  As we always say “You’ll never forget your first.”  It was our first too and it will be unforgettable.





JIM LAFFERTY: One fateful day in Ayala Alabang, I told Jim about my dream to inspire and motivate runners to run their first marathon, he replied “Create your own TBR race.” He gave me the confidence and guidance to see it through.  He expected more from me than I ever thought possible.  For that, I will forever be grateful.


NEVILLE MANAOIS: My vision was a race that had heart and soul. I wanted a marathon that treated runners not as numbers on a race bib, but as individuals who dreamed for something bigger than themselves.  The first (and only) person that came to mind was Neville. He took care of me in the last 10km of my first marathon and my only request to him was that he cared for all TBR Dream Marathoners the same way.

EDWARD KHO: We’ve only known each other for less than a year, but Edward dropped everything to help TBR Dream without expecting anything in return.  He said that when he spent time with the marathoners, he didn’t feel tired at all.

RAYMUND MARTELINO: It couldn’t be a race that was all heart, so Raymund was the rational and objective side of TBR Dream when it came to matters of business.  During the race, he took on a dual role as legal counsel and race volunteer.

CREATIVE JUICE: CJ, led by my sis, Janice, and bro-in-law, Gary, expertly managed our logistical concerns for the race and sponsors. By doing that, we were able to focus on the runners. The entire staff worked long hours for us with a smile.


NUVALI: NUVALI came into the picture as a venue sponsor, but as the months went by, NUVALI was more like a partner in TBR Dream providing all out support and assistance not just on race day, but also in Bull Session clinics.  Thank you to NUVALI GM and TBR Dream Marathoner, Jun Bisnar, and the rest of the NUVALI team.


DREAM CHASERS: Sure we planned for a lot of perks: face towels, food, drinks, and a medal to greet you at the finish.  But, the one thing that stood out in this race which we are proud of, is that it wasn’t about TBR; it was about the running community coming together to help the TBR Dream Marathoners achieve their dream.  I heard stories of selfless Dream Chasers who stood under the sun, running with one participant after another, leading them towards the finish.  Hats off to each one of our Dream Chasers!




VOLUNTEERS: It wasn’t easy to spend 10 long hours handing out drinks to the runners, but our hydration station marshals did this and more.

MY DEAREST FRIENDS: You are too many to name, but I thanked each one of you personally.  Thank you for believing in this dream and providing your support.  You didn’t just help me, but you helped to change the lives of hundreds of individuals.





RUNNERS’ FRIENDS AND FAMILY: To the family, friends, and supporters of each runner, you were as much a part of this momentous occasion as the participants themselves.  By your presence, you showed your runner how important they are in your lives.






THE HUBBY: He listened to all my bullish plans and crazy dreams and never told me it was impossible.  He celebrated with me during my tiny triumphs during race planning and put up with me when I was tired, sick, or stressed. For all that and more, thank you! Mwah!


CO-PRESENTERS: Nike Park, Oakley, and HSBC.  The TBR Dream Marathon was conceptualized to be the best and most ideal first marathon for runners.  We wanted to work with top-notch brands who were known to give the best in their respective categories.  To Nike Park, Oakley, and HSBC, thank you!


MAJOR SPONSORS: Secondwind Running Store, Nature Valley, Cecon, Gatorade, Phiten, P&G, Finish Line, Photovendo, and NUVALI

REGULAR SPONSORS: Hammer Nutrition, Timex, Dole, Alaxan FR, Hersheys, ROX, Res Toe Run, Chris Sports, Tang Fruit Teaz, Tiger, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, Hidden Spring, and Jack N’ Jill Nova

MEDIA PARTNERS: Men’s Health, Multisport, RunTV, Run Radio


* Some photos courtesy of Raymund Martelino and Junrox Roque.