Marriage is Like a Marathon…

Tuesday, 8 June 2010  |  Bullish Insights

Hubby and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary last June 3.  10 years!  Such a momentous occasion in our lives called for a grand date over a sumptuous meal followed by a romantic exchange of expensive and meaningful gifts…NOT.


– 10 Years Ago –

We decided instead to celebrate 10 years of marriage over a simple dinner at Greenbelt 5.  After all, as agreed a few months ago, our gift to each other would be NYC Marathon on November 7.  Honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything more.  (Okay, maybe I could’ve asked for a Marathon Package instead, such as Chicago in 2011, Berlin in 2012, Paris in 2013, and so on and so forth)

This got me to think about the many similarities of marriage and marathons.  Here are 7 Reasons Why Marriage is Like a Marathon…

  1. It’s no joke. Marriage and marathons are serious business. Do it only when you are 100% sure you are ready.
  2. Cheaters are losers. Sure, no one is looking and you can get away with it, but know that the only loser here is you.  Methinks I’ll invent a device that can be attached to the laces of the shoe to track adulterous partners.  Good idea?
  3. Expect a few road bumps, or pot holes, or blisters. It’s not completely smooth sailing.  There will be challenges along the way.  Make sure you’re strong enough to overcome these problems.
  4. It’s fun when you have the right partner.  It’ll suck if you’re with the wrong one.
  5. It takes commitment.  Don’t expect to be successful if you don’t put in your time and hard work.
  6. Be ready to compromise and sacrifice, too. Happy hours and long nights out with the boys will have to be reduced when you start serious training for a marathon.  Happy hours and long nights out with the boys will have to be reduced when you get married.  Right, girls?
  7. Your heart must be in it. You gotta be happy doing what you do and being with the person you love.  Embrace the distance and marathoning.  Be constantly in love with your partner.

Happy Anniv to the hubby! May we have many more happy years—and miles to run—together!