Rock and Run (and Rained Upon)

Sunday, 20 June 2010  |  Bullish Insights

TBR Race Review: Rock and Run

Date & Venue: 19 June 2010, Bonifacio High Street
Organizer: Junior Chamber International – Manila & Rudy Biscocho


– unique concept: live bands placed at strategic locations within the route, urban night race
– energetic and lively cheerers along the course
– floodlights and headlights of cars brightened up the course
– ample amount of water and Pocari Sweat at stations
– marshals lined the route
– directional signs and kilometer markers were aplenty
– medical assistance throughout the race
– organized registration and race redemption (at least when I went)

– vehicles traversing the route along with the runners
– narrow portions where runners converged (bottom portion of British School)
– runners were asked to stop to give way to cars in major intersections (aaaargh!)

Rock and Run was an event that offered great potential for a night race and concert-in-one. But, the downpour before the race start literally rained on the organizer’s parade.

As expected, not all runners were willing to brave the weather. For those who chose to run under the rain, the wet roads under the night sky proved to be a challenge for runners to maneuver. It didn’t help when some vehicles entered portions of the course (I ran with a taxi trailing me) or narrow roads had runners bumping into each other.

As they say, the show must go on.  Given the circumstances, the organizers did the best they could. Marshals stood under the pouring rain directing traffic, roads were well-lit, and medical aid was stationed in more than a couple of areas.  Selfless cheerers and bands continued to entertain the runners along the course.  I didn’t even witness the band at the assembly area play nor the post-race concert push through as everything was up in the air when I left the premises.

Rock and Run was a wonderful concept and seemed well-planned from the start, but the terrible weather posed a big challenge for the organizers.  My only wish: a Rock and Run Part 2. My recommendation to organizers: stage the race before the rainy season next year…even this Christmas would be great. My request: Can we have Bamboo next year, too?



Hubby took a long nap. I munched on popcorn while watching TV. By the time we hit the road for the race, it was 5:30 pm and we were stuck in traffic. At 6 pm, the race started while we were just parking in Serendra.

With the rain pouring hard, we stood in Serendra with our race bibs on debating whether we should start the race late or dine at a restaurant instead. Still in panic training mode for KL Marathon, I felt the need to run, and so we did.

We ran towards St. Luke’s where we met the rest of the race participants at around 2km. It was here that we finally felt like we were part of a race (even though we didn’t consider ourselves official participants anymore with our wrong and late start.  This was just a fun run for us already.) The atmosphere was energetic and lively with cheerers and bands keeping runners happy and entertained despite the frigid weather.


I planned on running this event at race pace, but hubby and I were struggling to go fast. While we enjoyed running under the rain, the downside was that it required more effort with each step. It was also difficult to focus on the road ahead when we were both watching out for puddles or slippery portions. At one time, I checked my pace and it was 7:00 min/km when, based on effort, I thought we were at 5:30! Ack.

Fortunately, by 2km, we improved our speed and found our rhythm. We made our way up the hill of British School where I bumped into Sen. Pia Cayetano, Ani de Leon, and Joey Torres, who also started late. They were enjoying a leisurely run and chatting all the way.

I felt that my 8k run at McKinley Hill last Thursday helped me a lot during this run. The long uphill climb didn’t feel as tough and I felt strong enough to go at a good pace.  At around the same time, hubby expressed his regret over having a humongous sandwich before the race. It made him feel heavy and he was struggling to maintain pace.


When we reached Lexus, we stopped at a water station for a sip. Hubby told me to go ahead and, with a quick goodbye, I proceeded to run at race pace. Suddenly, I felt powerful and strong, almost like I was infused with 5 Hammer gels intravenously.

I found my rhythm and enjoyed every minute.  By this time, the rain had dissipated so it was easier to run at a faster clip.  Except for a short break at the St. Luke’s intersection where the traffic enforcer stopped us runners to make way for the cars (why oh why?!), I was running at 5:30 to 5:45 pace.


According to my Garmin, I ended the race at 45.33 for 7.9km with an average pace of 5:46 min/km. I wish I had started the race on time and at the actual starting line, so I could claim that I officially finished, but no worries.  Running under the rain is always a joyous experience (read the fun we had at Eco Dash last year).

– with Coach Allan, Jun, Hubby, JV, Kaye, Councillor Doray, and Rio.  I’m the one who is lit up like a UFO.  I road tested my Nike Storm-Fit Jacket and Newton Stability Racers, both for the 2nd time. And, both passed with flying colors! These great gear deserve their own separate posts –


As soon as we got home, I placed dry newspapers inside both our soaked running shoes to absorb the water. By day time, my Newtons were dry while hubby’s Asics needed another batch of dry newspapers. (Never ever place running shoes under direct sunlight to dry…unless they are owned by your worst enemy!  Insert evil laughter here)