Stop and Smell the Popcorn

Thursday, 10 June 2010  |  Bullish Insights

Life is moving at a snail’s pace lately, well, relative to the breakneck speed of activities the past month due to TBR Dream.

Finally, there’s breathing space. More time to stop and smell the popcorn from the microwave (and munch on this while watching iCarly with the kids.) More time to catch up with friends via Yahoo or Starbucks. More time to run…


But, I haven’t been running much. Mileage has significantly dropped to 20km a week the past couple of weeks (while the numbers on the scale have been climbing up! Insert panic face emoticon here) For the first time since I called myself a runner 3 1/2 years ago though, I don’t feel guilty. At. All.

With the last few days before school starts, I’m thrilled to stay a little bit longer in bed. To spend an hour or so spinning at the gym (I’m hooked, I tell ya!) or swimming solo. To work on my abs with my trainer…okay, maybe not this one.

As June ushers in the rain to sweep the roads clean, so will it give me time to unload, detach, and recharge. I’m embracing the downtime and I’m not letting go…just yet.

Come next week, serious training begins. That’s when I forge ahead, ready to embark on new adventures. (Hint: Milo on July 4.)

P.S. Have you seen my new running calendar lately?  I’ve included schedules for all running events, not just races but also clinics and talks.  Click HERE to visit.