Boo to Basyang

Thursday, 15 July 2010  |  Bullish Insights

Boo to you Basyang for wreaking havoc in Metro Manila and other provinces. Boo to you for causing some deaths and injuries, sweeping a crane off of the skyway creating hellish traffic on South Super Highway, and worst of all, creating problems with Meralco’s electricity thereby leading us to lose wifi access for over a day. Ack.

Running for me did continue regardless of Basyang’s wrath (and I hope it was the same for you as well.)  You must know that no freak storm messes with The Bull Runner’s training program, especially when she has her eyes set on a serious goal (read: New York).  So, I spent my morning at the gym yesterday as my usual training ground looked more like a trail route (as confirmed to me by Francis who ran on fallen branches and leaves rather than the usual clean, concrete roads).

For first time, I survived 7k on the boring treadmill gym; 5k is usually a feat for me already!  There are only two reasons why I got to run that “long” on the treadmill:

  1. My laptop and cellphone were charging at the locker room, so the longer I ran the better!
  2. It was the first time I tried out my brand spankin’ new Sennheiser MX680 Sports earphones indoors (given to me by Sennheiser at last week’s Sennheiser-Adidas tie up press conference).  I never did give much importance to the brand of earphones I used, but now that I’ve tried Sennheiser, I realize it does make a huge difference!   I didn’t notice how long I was running on the treadmill due to the sound quality.  I’m so happy I’m dedicating a separate post for this soon.

So, here I am sitting at Starbucks reconnected with the world wide web.  I still owe you a report on Robinson’s Supermarket Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run. Let me get to that after I’m done with the backlog of work.

Hope you’re all safe out there!