Mommy Milkshake Marathon Year 4 on 8 August 2010

Thursday, 29 July 2010  |  Race Announcements

I’m a runner.  I’m a hands on mommy who breastfed both kids.  Here’s an event that I can completely relate to and fully support: Mommy Milkshake Marathon, a fun run celebrating the joys of motherhood and breastfeeding.


My sister, Janice, an advocate of breastfeeding and co-owner of Mommy Matters Nursingwear, organizes this annual event.  It’s not your typical competitive race.  In fact, it’s the opposite. It starts later than usual.  A quarter of the participants have bulging bellies, not due to obesity, but due to pregnancy.  And, there are games, chatting, and a whole lot of laughter going on before, during, and after the race.

Our entire family is signing up.  I hope you can too!

DATE:  August 8, 2010
ASSEMBLY AREA: Behind NBC TENT (26th Street)
RACE START: 7:00 am
FOR INQUIRIES: Call 408.8070/ 0908.8657246
  • REG FEE: Adults – Php200, Php 100 – kids 3-15 years old, FREE – kids below 3
  • RACE KIT PICK UP:  Pick up starting JULY 30, 2010
    • OPTION 1 (July 30- August 7): Pick up at the Creative Juice office located at 2/L Fun Ranch Frontera Verde, Ortigas, Pasig  City. Office hours is 9am-5pm.
    • OPTION 2  (July 30 to August 6 only): Pick up at Big & Small Co Bonifacio HIgh Street.  From 4pm- 10pm.
  • For more information, you may call 408.8070
  • ATTIRE: Come in your Mommy Milkshake race shirt.  Apply sunblock. Bring your  shades/visors, caps. If you are running with your baby or very young children, you may opt to bring an umbrella in case of rain and extreme heat.
  • AWARDS: Mommy Milkshake is not a race.  Time-based winners are not recognized but special awards will be given for the following:  Most pregnant runner, Breastfeeding runner, Pink family, Youngest runner, Eldest runner, Most energetic child, among others.
  • PARKING: You may park you cars at the parking area near 28th Street, (Bonifacio High Street). Flat Rates on weekends.

Press Release:

Shake It!  Join the 4th Mommy Milkshake Marathon

When breastfeeding moms run, milk shakes: This is the wistfully witty battle cry of Mommy Milkshake Marathon, an annual family event celebrating the joys of breastfeeding and motherhood. Scheduled on August 8, 2010, Sunday, at the Bonifacio Global City, and kicking off World Breastfeeding Month, this year’s Mommy Milkshake Marathon is expected to draw in 500 runners for the 3K and 5K categories—from experienced runners to cutie toddlers.

As it turns out, shaking milk is not the only factor that connects running and breastfeeding. These two activities are alike in many ways.

1. Foster good health: Running is a great aerobic exercise, helping to keep mommy fit and active. Breastfeeding reduces her risk of breast and ovarian cancer later in life. It is also a natural method of birth control, giving mom’s body the time to heal from the stress of pregnancy and child birth.

2. Slim you down: As most mommies know, breastfeeding is one of the best ways to lose pregnancy weight. Nobody is as slim, it seems, as a breastfeeding new mom. Meanwhile, running is an effective way to burn excess calories and shed a pound or two; you get to build muscle mass as well.

3. Make you happy: Running stimulates the release of extra endorphins, giving the runner a natural high. The act of breastfeeding also releases endorphins, giving mom and baby a relaxing feeling.

4. No need for expensive equipment: For breastfeeding, all you need is a bit of time for you and baby to get acquainted with the process and you’re set. For running, all you need is a good pair of running shoes and you’re off!

5. All-natural: What is more natural than feeding baby milk from your own bosoms the way Mother Nature intended? What is more natural than running with the sun on your face and the wind on your feet?

6. Good for the environment: Running, like walking, is the most earth-friendly way of getting from one destination to the next. Breastfeeding frees the family from having to invest in an assortment of equipment from plastic feeding bottles and nipples to plastic drop-in milk bags—all of which are not exactly friendly to the environment.

7. Anytime, anywhere: Breast milk is always available and thanks to practical nursing wear, mommies can discreetly breastfeed in public. Running is an activity that you can do anywhere, whether you live in the concrete jungle of the city or the open fields of the country.

8. Great bonding activity: Breastfeeding is the most intimate way for a mother and her baby to connect with one another; running is a great social activity that the whole family can participate in.

9. Free of charge: Running and breastfeeding are both highly democratic activities—anybody, from whichever social class, can engage in them and enjoy their many benefits.

With all these being said, what are you waiting for? Join this fun and festive family event while supporting the breastfeeding advocacy. Mommy Milkshake is presented by Mommy Mundo, the Philippine Association of Childbirth Education (PACE) and GlaxoSmithKline. With support from Mommy Matters, Havaianas, RCBC Savings Bank, Citibank, Richwell Corporation, Cradle and Cycles, Lifestyle Network, the Bull Runner, MomsToday Magazine, Urban Mom and Mommy Pages.

Registration fee for adults is Php200, Php 100 for kids 3-15 years old. Registration is free for children below 3 years old. Register online at, then pay the registration fees at the Creative Juice office located at the 2nd Floor of Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde, Pasig City and get your race kits starting July 30. For more info, call 4088070 or 4709925 or visit for more details and let’s get that milk shaking!