Old Friends

Friday, 9 July 2010  |  Bullish Insights

Guess who we bumped into at Bonifacio High Street after a quick, exhausting and completely fulfilling hill training session with Jun: Coach Rio and good ol’ friend, Philip Le Roux (Foreign Runner).


Philip was an active runner and blogger a couple of years ago. We would see each other often in races and occasionally at get togethers.  I still remember how nervous we were when we joined our first triathlon at Animo Tri in 2008.  If I recall right we were two runners worried about two things: 1) how we’d look in a tri suit and 2) drowning!

Philip and his wife together with their three adorable kids relocated to the province for work a few years back.  It’s nice to know they’re enjoying life there and that Philip has plans of joining the Milo Eliminations in his province.

Philip used to be pretty good at speaking Tagalog, now I can say he is super fluent!  The staff at Runnr couldn’t help but listen in on this “Foreign Runner” asking us: “Saan ba tayo kakain?”

So, we had an impromptu dinner at Pancake House.  Catching up and laughing about all things running.

It was nice seeing you again, Philip!  Until the next time.