Mommy Milkshake Marathon 2010

Monday, 9 August 2010  |  Bullish Insights

The rain didn’t stop all the mommies (and grandmothers, kids, and preggy women…plus their partners) from running the Mommy Milkshake Marathon at Bonifacio High Street yesterday.


– with organizers, Rome Kanapi and my sis Janice Villanueva and the kids –

Our entire family, including my niece, showed up for the race armed with two umbrellas.  Hubby took care of the older kids, while I accompanied Little Miss Bull Runner who chose to bike the 3k course along with her cousin.  (I gave her this option since she was coughing and I worried that 3k was too much for her.)

“Are the girls going to win?” I asked Little Miss TBR. “Yes!” she yelled. Fueled by Woman Power, we were off!

– Little Miss TBR with her pet, Liny, who joins every family adventure –


We raced along with other families who were enjoying the easy run despite the gloomy weather.  For a moment, I ran alongside Patricia Hizon and her kids Vicente and Paul; fast and fearless Vicente was way ahead of his mommy.


– Patricia Hizon with her adorable boys –

I also spotted Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan with her mom and her grandmother.  Her own daughter had sped off ahead and later found a place on the podium.

– Four generations of strong and beautiful Laxa women –

As for Little Miss TBR, she pedaled like there was no tomorrow.  With such a huge smile, I knew she was enjoying every minute.  We went for two loops around BHS.  The uphills were a bit of a challenge for her, but she enjoyed the gentle downhills immensely.  Too much in fact that I begged her to slow down!

– racing with my little girl –


I thought I was going to have it easy compared to the hubby.  (This pic shows he had quite an easy time running with older kids.)

– Coach Hubby with my niece and the kids –

Past 3km races with my daughter was always a slow and relaxed run.  But, this time, I failed to take into consideration that 1) kids on bikes go much faster, and 2) holding an umbrella while running was a skill I had absolutely no training for.

It was the ultimate test of balancing running and motherhood at exactly the same time.  While running, I had to hold the umbrella in one hand and camera in the other, caution Little Miss TBR about veering away from the course (which was almost every 5 seconds), warn her about hitting runners in front, and help her count the “rainbows” (prisms caused by the rainwater hit by the light) she spotted on the road.


With my feet soaked in rainwater (I wore Vibram Five Fingers for the first time. More on this in a separate post) and non-stop fast-paced running, it was exhausting…but seeing Little Miss TBR’s face beam with pride when we crossed the finish made all the sweat, worry, and tough bicep workout all worth it.

– We did it! –


As it turns out, Little Miss TBR absolutely loved the race. After seeing the photos, she exclaims while jumping up and down: “Mama, I want to bike again in another race…and I want Liny (her pet lion) to join us again…and I want it to rain, too!”  Oh boy, this mama has got to train hard for the next one.

– Yahooo! –

Congratulations to the organizers of Mommy Milkshake Marathon especially my sis, Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo and Creative Juice. Hope to join this one again next year!