The Runaway Maid

Tuesday, 3 August 2010  |  Bullish Insights

She stayed with us for less than a month.  And, when she left, we didn’t know that she had robbed us of items almost three times worth her monthly salary.

It turns out that our crooked maid had a love for running!  Except for cash, all the items she stole were for running:

1) My Mizuno Wave Alchemy that was next in line for road testing

2) My husband’s Nike shirt

3) My son’s P3,000 savings (Stealing from a kid. She’s got no heart!)

And, worst of all, the two major losses that just breaks my heart every time I remember them…

4) Two of my all-time favorite Nike cotton shirts that I purchased in Nike Campus in the US.  (Why did she have to steal pieces that aren’t available locally?  And, why my Lance shirt?!  Grrrrr!)

– I got this Bowerman shirt for a steal at the Nike Campus. Nike staff pulled out boxes and sold shirts on the field during the Hood to Coast party. Now, how do I replace that, robber maid? –

– Go Lance Gooooooo! Sob sob –

To the evil runaway maid: I wish you trip on a huge rock while running with my shoes and that you gain so much weight you won’t even fit into my Nike shirts.  Karma will get you soon.