Once Upon a Time

Monday, 13 September 2010  |  Bullish Insights, Favorite Posts

Once upon a time, there was a young sedentary mother who completely fell in love with running. It allowed her access to worlds she never thought existed and gave her the ability to attain the once unimaginable. It changed her life so much that she wanted others to learn about it too.

So, she wrote…and she wrote…and she wrote.

And, family and friends were moved by her words.  Then, friends of friends were interested.  And, soon, strangers both near and distant were inspired, or even changed.

And, she was happy.

But, as time passed, somewhere along the journey, she lost her way. The tales she once shared about her adventures and experiences slowly diminished. Her words, sharing her raw and sincere emotions about the sport she loved, dwindled.  These were replaced by matter-of-fact articles on gear and gadgets and information on events and conferences. It was quite ironic that her words were lost in the whirlwind of opportunities that running offered her.

What once was a labor of love for her started to feel like labor alone.  And, she was no longer happy with writing. She felt bored, forced, and uninterested.  Worst of all, she was tired.  And, it showed in her work.

Her love for running, however, never faltered nor faded.  She continued to run, covering the roads on her own as she always wished.  After all, she never ran to be with others or to socialize, to gain acceptance or be admired, just as she never wrote to be popular or to collect freebies.  She started running because she loved the freedom it gave her to be herself.  And, she sorely wished she could be herself again in her writing.


Today, she returns to the blog with a new sense of direction.  As her running has never been this strong so is her determination to bring back the old and the good.  As she is more passionate about running than when she began four years ago, so will she give the same vigor and focus to her writing. Products, reviews, and race info will be present because they are and always will be a part of running.  But, heartfelt stories will prevail because these are wings for her feet on the road, just as they are for others.  It was never about what or who, it was always about the why.

Inspiration had to come from a well-meaning friend who provided advice so simple yet so significant only a few hours ago.  He said:


And, with that, the old Bull Runner was brought back to life.  With a new desire to write.  With more stories to be told, just the way they were shared not too long ago.

* thanks Raymund!