NYC Marathon Preps

Sunday, 7 November 2010  |  Bullish Insights, Gear + Gadgets

That’s it. I’m done. Not with the race, but with preparations for tomorrow’s race!

Wow. Gearing up for a cold marathon (temperature is expected to be in the low 50s while we run, but while waiting in the corral it should be around 32. Yikes!) is so different (and so much more complicated) than preparing for a race in a tropical country.  There’s so much more things to think of and purchase!

Of course, the bib is all set. Has its pins. Filled in the information behind it.


Shoes has got its D-tag on. Decided to use my trusty old Nike Lunar Glide. Yes, it’s old. It was the same pair I used at my first marathon last year. But, it’s safe and reliable for my feet. I was considering using my Brooks Glycerin or Newton Racers, but at the end of the day, I stuck with the one I knew to be safe.


When I left Manila, I was absolutely sure about my entire outfit for the race.  But, after tripping in Disneyland, the entire plan went pffffttt with the open wound on my left knee.  Goodbye 2XU compression tights (which I trained with in all my training runs) and hello to shorts that will make me freeze to death!

I’ll be wearing shorts with compression shorts underneath in hopes that it’ll keep me warm.  Shirt and long sleeved shirt for my top and maybe even an additional tank under!  Of course, I’ll have the Philippine flag sticker from Knowledge Channel on too.

How ironic that the thing that makes me most nervous is the smallest and lightest of ’em all.  The split time bracelet I picked up at the expo. Alvin, yes, I will try my best to watch my pace!


I’ll also wear a beanie, maybe a cap on top if necessary, gloves, Oakley shades, and Nathan hydration belt.  I’ll use CEP compression socks which should keep my calf muscles tight and warm.  The belt will carry my Hammer Gels, salt packs stolen from a burger joint (!), band aid, cash, Body Glide, and my Flip Mino.


Made a mental note to get masking tape later to print our names for taping unto our shirts. We need all the personal cheering we can get!

We also have to prepare snacks since we’ll be waiting around 2 to 3 hours for our wave to start.  Choosing between bagels or whole wheat, but definitely with tons of peanut butter in between!

Hubby and I will be at Wave 3 which starts at 10:40 a.m. Corral no. 44.  We’re hoping to meet up with other runner friends to keep us calm (read: distracted) while waiting.

Phew. So many little things to think of.  It’s unnerving but fun. Wish us luck for tomorrow’s great adventure!