Bull Session 2 on 11 Dec 2010

Friday, 3 December 2010  |  News + Promos


See you next Saturday for our Bull Session run clinic!  This is my favorite part of TBR Dream Marathon, running with the future marathoners and getting to know each one personally.  I also enjoy seeing all of you meet your batchmates and setting up training sessions amongst yourselves.  It definitely makes the journey (read: long runs) more enjoyable!

We decided to postpone tomorrow’s planned Bull Session to make way for the races this weekend.  We know many of you are joining QCIM and Nike 5k.  Our Bull Circles (talks) will resume in January 2011.

So, block your calendars next week and see you there!  We’ve invited a surprise coach to brief us on basic form and running technique.  SecondWind will be there to guide us.  Gatorade will be available for free.

To all alumni of TBR Dream Marathon 2010: We welcome your support at the Bull Sessions.  Run with us and make the future marathoners feel welcome.  Pls email thebullrunner(at)gmail.com if you wish to volunteer for Bull Session 2.