Nike Run Manila 5k

Monday, 13 December 2010  |  Race Reports

It was a toss up between QC International Marathon and Nike 5k two weekends ago.

QCIM will always hold a special place in my heart since it was my first unofficial 42km. Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to drive all the way to QC that week for a race I wasn’t planning to…uhm…race.

Nike Run was going to be relatively smaller, shorter, and more convenient. Definitely the kind of race I was in the mood for. So, I joined the Nike 5k instead. With post-marathon blues gone, my mindset was fun. Fun. Fun.


The small, relaxed, happy atmosphere was a breath of fresh air for me. No pressure nor stress whatsoever. Bumping into friends, Vimz (Kulit Runner), Aljo, Jun (The Solemates), and especially Dingdong (RunMD) who I hadn’t seen for months, at the assembly area made it even more delightful.


Before us were the Polo Tri Team equipped with their loaded hydration belts, a sure sign that the race was probably just a portion of their long run for the day. For a moment, I felt envious, wishing I could go back in time to our heavy marathon training days. But, I reminded myself to take it easy for now and revel in my “off-season mode”…at least until I figure out what my next marathon goal will be!


The race took us through my favorite areas of Bonifacio Global City, the long uphill ascent that Alvin and I climb for our training runs.  There was a bit of a traffic with no other distance but 5k, but it wasn’t a problem at all for me.  Despite the crowd, I thoroughly enjoyed every kilometer of this run. Maybe it was because my ipod was loaded with brand new songs.  Or, there was no pressure at all for me to reach a specific time.  Or, that I could almost taste breakfast at Sentro afterwards. Whatever.  My goal was to have fun and that’s definitely what I got.

Before we knew it, the 5k race was over. I crossed the finish with a smile on my face without even glimpsing at the time on my Garmin.  (I did check it later on and it recorded 27:24 for 5k with an average pace of 5:26 min/km.)

– with friends Aljo, Vimz (Kulit Runner), Leia, Bobby, and Jun (The Solemates) –


Hubby and I dropped by the VIP Tent to congratulate our Nike friends for a wonderful event. The post-race atmosphere was festive with cheerleaders keeping runners entertained plus loads of freebies. I loved the mini Nike figurines they gave away which went directly to our kiddos.


– No, that’s not Coach Rio on the right –

A little birdie told me Nike is eyeing a 10k next year…and that is fantastic news. But, I do wish they consider adding a 21k distance to the mix. C’mon Nike…Just Do It, please?