Post-Marathon Blues

Wednesday, 1 December 2010  |  Bullish Insights

As Menudo once said (long before most of you were born): “It hit me like a cannonball.”  (Now you can have that tune in your mind as you read this.)  It attacked without warning like a thief in the night.  Then, it left me confused, distraught, and just plain bored with anything and everything running.  It is only now that I can come out in the open and tell you:

My name is The Bull Runner and I had post-marathon blues.

I should’ve seen the signs:

  1. I skipped the all important recovery run after the marathon.
  2. I gained 8 lbs. in New York and I couldn’t care less about its effect on my running.
  3. I didn’t buy anything at the Nike outlet store in Woodbury. (Sure sign that’s something is wrong.)
  4. I procrastinated when it came to posting about NYC Marathon on the blog.  And I didn’t post much the past few weeks either.  Sorry.
  5. I didn’t wake up for Run United.
  6. I was more excited to open a bag of Doritos then to run.

Me?  Post-marathon blues?  Never thought I’d get hit with this.  But, I did.  And now that it’s over (Hallelujah! I ran on the road again this morning…and I enjoyed it!), it’s probably safe to write about it.  Don’t worry, the doctors tell me it’s not contagious.


  1. Have a goal for AFTER the marathon.  I did…and I still do.  But, the only way I can explain why I still fell into the rut was because my goal was and still is so far away.  It’s in May!  I need an earlier goal.  One that will not just excite me, but scare me to death.  Any ideas?
  2. Don’t force it. If you don’t want to run after the marathon, don’t!  It’s better for your mind and your muscles to try other sports to maintain your fitness level while resting your overworked legs.  I am so into Bikram Yoga right now.  Seriously addicted.
  3. Eat properly. A bad diet can make you feel even more lethargic and uninterested in lacing up.  I wanna hit myself in the head for succumbing to the 6 packs of chips I purchased at Duty Free. Now that I’m paying the price for it (it’s all over my hips and thighs) I’m back to my regular healthy diet and I feel better mentally and physically.
  4. Relax. Don’t overanalyze. Don’t stress over it. Don’t panic. Running is a big part of our lives, but it’s not everything (at least for me it isn’t.) So, kick back your feet (literally!) and enjoy the temporary break.  Your hunger and passion for running will definitely return in no time…just like mine.