Taking 5 with Jeff Galloway

Thursday, 27 January 2011  |  Interviews + Features

This article will be published in the next issue of The Bull Runner Magazine to be released next week. My friend and Chi Running Instructor, Lit Onrubia, had an exclusive interview with Jeff Galloway for TBR Magazine before his much anticipated arrival in Manila next week. Here goes…

The running scene in the Philippines is better than ever! Races every weekend? Check. Ten thousand people in a single race? Done that. Expert race event organization? No problem. World-class coach teaching us how to run better? Um, sadly, no. That is, until now. Jeff Galloway — running and coaching legend, inventor of the Galloway Method, member of the 1972 US Olympic team and named one of 18 Runner’s World Experts in the magazine’s 40th anniversary edition — will be coming to Manila and Cebu from February 2-6, 2011 for a lecture and workshop series. Jeff recently shared his thoughts with us on how to run faster, longer and injury-free.

1. What is the most important lesson that you’ve learned throughout your running and coaching career about how to run at your best?

JEFF: There are two: 1) adjust your pace so that you can receive the boost to the attitude and vitality that each run can bring, and 2) be sensitive to your “weak links”. These are the areas of the body that ache more often and break down when pushed too hard. If you reduce training distance and intensity, at the first sign of an irritation (by inserting more walk breaks) you may not have to take any time off from running.

2. Many people believe that taking walk breaks slows you down, and that walking is a sign of weakness. What do you have to say about this?

JEFF: I’ve heard from over 300,000 runners who have used my training methods. Most find that the run-walk-run strategy actually speeds them up in races. Surveys back this up. When non-stop runners use the right ratio, the average improvement when using run-walk-run is over 13 minutes in a marathon. Walk breaks allow runners to train for marathons and other events, without being tired all the time.

3. You’ve run over 150 marathons. Millions around the world dream of doing it. What makes the marathon so special?

JEFF: There is no other experience in life that gives the combination of satisfaction and achievement, as that experienced from finishing a marathon. I hear from thousands every year who tell me how it has improved the quality of their lives!

4. I’m an experienced runner but i’ve plateaued. My race times are no longer improving. What can I do to improve my time?

JEFF: Longer long runs (run very slowly) have helped most. In addition, the following have improved race time significantly: running a greater number of speed repetitions, using some mental training techniques, and inserting the right strategy of walk breaks.

5. The running community in the Philippines is excited about your upcoming lecture and workshop series. What can they expect during your talks?

JEFF: I’ll explain how to stay injury free, how to stay motivated, how to run faster and farther without being tired all the time, efficient running form, the best food for performance, when to eat for best results, fat-burning, and mental training to break through barriers. I will also explain how to calculate the correct pace for each person, for long runs and races…and more!

Sales of tickets for The Galloway Method are on going.  Click HERE to view details.