Meeting Jeff Galloway

Wednesday, 2 February 2011  |  Bullish Insights

His book was my training bible when I started running in 2006. This morning, he was right in front of me talking for a full three hours during a running workshop at the Ultra Track Oval. Jeff Galloway in the flesh! Pinch me now.


Jeff talked about his training program which revolves around his run-walk program and how it doesn’t just help you avoid injury and exhaustion, but it actually helps you to reach your target time for a race. While many runners shy away from walking since it may be a sign of weakness, Jeff is quick to point out that his program will actually allow you to run faster. He trained a runner to finish a marathon at 2:38 on the run-walk program. Can you believe that?

– Chris Cone of South Tri, Anton Gonzales of Planet Sports, and Coach Ige Lopez listen intently –

– Belle Grandinetti of South Tri, Aileen, and Gelo Arellano of Fitness First Tri Team –

– Jeff runs around the track with workshop participants, including Sen. Pia Cayetano in front –

Jeff went on to discuss the suggested pace for long runs, his recommended training for us, hydration, marathoning, stretching, strength training, nutrition, compression tights…I could go on and on. He basically talked about all things running and effectively answered the questions we threw at him. It was a chance to get all my running questions answered by no other than the running guru himself!

One question I asked (and I just loved his answer) was: Is it true that we should run only one marathon a year when I’ve heard you and your wife run a marathon every month?  His answer:  It’s alright to run a marathon per month as long as you run this at training pace.  Choose one key marathon where you’ll race your best effort.  Wooohoooo!  Wait here’s a disclaimer >> Do NOT go running 42ks per month especially if you are a beginner.  Please make sure you have a good mileage base and get more advice from a coach if possible.

I’m looking forward to hearing the talk tonight (6pm at Colegio San Agustin, Dasmarinas Village) and learn even more from Jeff. Tomorrow, we shall all fly to Cebu for The Galloway Method talks and workshops there. Then, we’ll have 1 more workshop and 1 more talk here in Manila on Saturday. It’s a full week of learning from the master himself!

For more info on The Galloway Method, click HERE. Tickets for the talk will be available for purchase onsite. To sign up for the workshop, call the contact details provided in the link.