TBR Dream Volunteers

Friday, 18 February 2011  |  News + Promos

In 2010, when we planned for TBR Dream Marathon, the essence of the race was built on community, on paying-it-forward, on giving back to running just as much as running had given us. We knew we couldn’t do it alone and we hoped that the entire community of runners—first- and second-time marathoners committing to train for their marathon, experienced runners reaching out and paying-it-forward, cheerers and spectators coming onto the site to boost the runners’ spirits, corporate sponsors and friends generously donating and giving what they can—would come together to make this race truly the most ideal setting for runners to experience their first marathon.  It was a lofty dream, but we—together with the entire community of selfless, generous runners—made it a reality.

– Dream Chasers Banggi, Bobby, and JunRox at last year’s TBR Dream Marathon –

– Dream Chaser Banggi (now a participant for TBRDM 2) helps runner Odie. Photos courtesy of Junrox –

This week, we opened up registration for only 60 slots of volunteers for our race.  Over a hundred volunteers signed up.  Wow. We were stunned and overwhelmed and we enjoyed every single entry explaining why they wanted to help.  From those accepted, some will be Pacers to registered runners, others will be Dream Chasers: runners who will be stationed at three crucial areas on the race course when runners will need them most.  There will also be volunteers from Team Secondwind manning the station at the last 5km of the marathon.

Chin Chua
– Team Secondwind supporting Roxy last TBR DM 2010. Photo courtesy of Chin Chua –

These volunteers get nothing tangible but an official race bib and a volunteers’ shirt  for what will be hours of sweat, exhaustion, and even tears on race day.  They will, however, receive hundreds of sincere Thank You’s, dozens of high fives, and huge smiles from weary runners that will tug at their heartstrings.

From the TBR Dream Team to our Dream Chasers, Pacers, and Team Secondwind, we look forward to working with you on March 20, 2011.  To all those who would like to come and watch and cheer, you’re most welcome to attend and hang out at our designated CHEER ZONES.  Let’s make our runners’ dreams a reality!

Click HERE to view a complete list of accepted Dream Chasers and Pacers.